About Grand Excellent

In Grand Excellent , we serve our clients with our spirit of “Serve with Heart and Professionalism” and match the employers with the most suitable helpers according to their needs.

Our service aim

  • Find a governess governess and tutor for the children
  • Find a nurse and companion for the elderly
  • Assistant, increased time together for the couple to find a family

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Helpers complete information (provide a short self-introduction video)

For each Domestic Helper, we will provide a short self-introduction video and their resumes. This process can help our employers to meet their prospective domestic helpers beforehand.

Updates on the Domestic Helper Work performance

Our colleagues will get updates from Employers from time to time on the working performance of each Domestic Helpers, thus to help our Domestic Helper to improve. A 24-hours customer service hotline: 62128277, it is Hong Kong's first dispute resolution for employers, instant telephone coordination between employers and domestic Helpers, lift the misunderstanding, and to promote the relationship between the employer and the domestic helper.

Own training center

We have an extended network of training centers in Indonesia and the Philippines where we conduct interviews in the local field. We conduct rigorous selection process to ensure our foreign domestic helpers are with extensive experience, work ethic and good character to provide the best service for the employer. Trainings such as Chinese cuisine, Cantonese, domestic works practice, infant care and care for the elderly are provided to ensure quality of work.

Fully Computerize management

We fully computerized our operation and management and it can be more effective and efficiently in handling our customer inquiries, and to monitor the process of visa application. With computerized management operating system, we can update information of our domestic helper and any news daily through our website.

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